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Work in progress in the Assault Glider Trust workshop at RAF Shawbury

A short video showing the inside of the Assault Glider Trust Airspeed Horsa Mk 1. See the Virtual Tour to take a look around all the aircraft yourself

The Assault Glider Trust Horsa and Dakota aircraft - not full size though! Radio Controlled models with special effects applied to the video to make the footage look like the real thing!

Dakota G-AMHJ - KG651 was presented to the Assault Glider Trust by Mr Stuart Powney on 7th November 2003 on behalf of Air Atlantique. This aircraft was built as a C47A at Oklahoma City in 1944, manufacturer's serial number 13468. It was delivered to the US Army Air Force on 30th May 1944 as 42-108962 but it was diverted to the Lend-Lease Programme. The aircraft became RAF serial number KG651 at No 45 Group at Montreal Dorval on 3rd June 1944.

This aircraft was in the process of being restored to non-flying condition, rigged for para dropping and glider towing. It was the intention to dedicate it to Flt Lt (Judge) Tommy Grant DSO RAFVR, whose brilliant planning of the Pegasus Bridge operations on D Day allowed the glider pilots to land at night, precisely in the right place, and allowed the Oxf & Bucks LI to perform one of the most successful coupe de main operations of the war.

When the AGT moved form its adopted home at RAF Shawbury, the Dakota was donated to the RAF Transport Command Memorial (Dakotair) at North Weald airfield where the Dakotair team plan to restore it to flying condition.

The Waco returns from extensive restoration of the fuselage and tailplane and is prepared for the public open day at RAF Shawbury.

In September 2004, a Royal Air Force team, supported by a Norwegian historian, Norwegian military and civilian authorities and the local people of Fyljesdalen, completed a recovery operation of the remains of Airspeed Horsa DP349, one of the 2 Horsa gliders used in the unsuccessful attack on the German Heavy Water plant at Rjukan near Stavangar in Norway on the night of 19/20 November 1942.

Operation Freshman was a desperate attempt to slow down the German development of Atomic weapons. The plant was later destroyed by a Norwegian team and the story was told in the film "The Heros of Telemark".

This documentary was produced by a team from the British Forces Broadcasting Company (BFBS).

The Assault Glider Trust Radio Model Wing fly in challenging conditions at a public open day at RAF Shawbury.

ITV Central News visits the Assault Glider Trust at RAF Shawbury to view the construction of an Airspeed Horsa assault glider and to speak to veterans of glider operations in WW2. This was part of their 'Eye on the Midlands' reports.

BBC News visits the Assault Glider Trust at RAF Shawbury to speak to veterans of the D-Day Pegasus Bridge attack.

BBC Midlands Today visits the Assault Glider Trust at RAF Shawbury to speak to veterans.

BBC Midlands Today visit RAF Shawbury as part of their coverage of Operation Freshman. Broadcast 4th April 2013.

The RAF Museum Cosford. This was to be the home of the Assault Glider Trust collection, but unfortunately the museum was unable to accept any of our aircraft.